Springboard Plus Grants 2022

Springboard Plus Grants 2022

In 2022 RPH Research Foundation launched a new grant round Springboard Plus. Springboard Plus supports Early and Mid-Career researchers who are translating their ideas into clinical practice that could lead to a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of our community. 

This grant round was designed to allow researchers to follow leading observations and investigation of novel ideas into healthcare research. Originally RPH Research Foundation planned to fund a total of six Springboard Grant Projects.  

Due to the high calibre of applications, the RPH Research Foundation distributed 11 awards with a total value of $704,162 over two years. 

All successful recipients are also supported with access to the Foundation’s Biostatistical service, including statistical analysis, assistance with the interpretation of results and preparation of a manuscript, as additional in-kind support. 

Congratulations to the Springboard Plus Grants 2022 Recipients

RPH Research Foundation is delighted to announce the Early-Mid Career Researchers who were successful for the 2022 Springboard Plus Grant round.  Congratulations to all successful applicants:

Dr Catherine Bondonno (Total: $64,499)

Project Title: Pardon the vegetables: how nitrate source determines health impact

Administering Institution: Edith Cowan University


Dr Hun Chuah (Total: $71,657)

Project Title: Circulating Tumor Cells in Plasma Cell Myeloma Predict Outcome

Administering Institution: Department of Haematology, Royal Perth Hospital


Dr Jason Dyke (Total: $72,000)

Project Title: Implications of Pathological TAU Accumulation in Epilepsy

Administering Institution: PathWest LMWA


Professor Anne-Marie Hill (Total: $69,600)

Project Title: Promoting healthy ageing for recently hospitalised older people by implementing community health programs

Administering Institution: University of Western Australia


Dr Kylie Hill (Total: $71,460)

Project Title: Health in a Virtual Environment - a novel approach to measure bodily movement and integrate these signals with physiological data to optimise patients outcomes

Administering Institution: Curtin University


A/Prof Stephen Macdonald (Total: $72,000)

Project Title: Proteomic signature of adult sepsis - discovery and validation

Administering Institution: University of Western Australia


A/Prof Therese O'Sullivan (Total: $33,660)

Project Title: Mindful mouthfuls: Developing healthy eating behaviours from infancy

Administering Institution: Edith Cowan University


Miss Arunima Panda (Total: $35,160)

Project Title: Identification and molecular analysis of Pancreatic cancer-derived exosomes

Administering Institution: Curtin University


Dr Jing Pang (Total: $71,927)

Project Title: Implementation of an optimised model of care for familial hypercholesterolaemia: role of primary care and its integration with specialist services

Administering Institution: University of Western Australia


A/Prof Adil Rajwani (Total: $70,200)

Project Title: Exploring the associations between bacterial pneumonia and new-onset heart failure

Administering Institution: Acute Medical Unit, Royal Perth Hospital


Dr Natalie Ward (Total: $72,000)

Project Title: Implementation of a Statin Intolerance Registry

Administering Institution: University of Western Australia


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