Research Support

Research Support 


The MRF Biostatistical Consulting Service offers expert research program support to researchers towards ensuring high quality research methodology, analysis and output.

This service includes study design; support of ethics approval process, data collection layout, data analysis; reporting and peer review and is undertaken on a collaborative basis.


Study design

Clarification of research question, identification of outcomes, confounding variables management, sample size requirements (power analysis);
advantages/disadvantages of collection methodology

Ethics and grant applications

Feedback on clarity of aims, statistical analysis proposed, power calculations, advice.

Data collection layout
Data conversation for statistical package use

Writing code to read files, file conversion from one file format to another

Data set analysis

Preparation; reshaping data from wide to long format, merging data sets, data checking and issue identification, creation of new more efficient variables

Analysis and feedback

Assisting with interpretation, software tuition


Assist with interpretation of results, client review, manuscript preparation including statistical methods, formulations tables/graphs, review and edit manuscript

Peer review


PhD support

Consultation and advice on research project design and analysis

Workshops and training

Custom designed workshops for your team

Our Team 

Mr Michael Phillips, Biostatistician
Mrs Sally Burrows, Biostatistician
Mr Phillip Vlaskovsky, Biostatistician



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