Strategic Research Advisor

Our Strategic Research Advisor

EMERITUS PROFESOR GEORGE YEOH is the RPH Research Foundation’s Strategic Research Advisor (part-time) and the immediate past Chair and President of Cancer Council WA,. His world-renowned research into liver disease and carcinogenesis spans almost half a century, during which time he has established a reputation for excellence and strong leadership.

EMERITUS PROFESSOR YEOH received his PhD in Biochemistry fromThe University of Western Australia (UWA) in 1972. Shortly thereafter, he was awarded the CJ Martin Overseas Research Fellowship (NHMRC) and studied at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, and the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow, Scotland.

EMERITUS PROFESSOR YEOH obtained an NHMRC Fellowship upon his return to Australia and achieved successive renewals to the level of Principal Research Fellow. During this time, he was a Visiting Scientist at a number of prestigious universities in the USA and in Europe.

EMERITUS PROFESSOR YEOH undertakes research at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in the laboratory for Liver Disease and Carcinogenesis. He was a Board member of the Institute for Respiratory Health, member of the NHMRC Translational Research Faculty and Director of the UWA Centre for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.

EMERITUS PROFESSOR YEOH has an extensive and protracted interest in liver progenitor cells (LPCs). LPCs are induced in liver when rodents are placed on a diet, which results in fat accumulation that damages the liver. His laboratory showed that LPCs are bipotential cells; able to generate hepatocytes as well as bile duct cells; and was the first to report their existence in a rat model of alcoholic liver disease and in mouse hepatitis induced by cytomegalovirus. The Yeoh lab was also the first to demonstrate the presence of LPCs in human liver diseases, namely, chronic alcoholic liver disease, hemochromatosis and hepatitis C.

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