Glenis' Story

Glenis' Story

RPH Research Foundation helps fund the Dobney Hypertension Centre to help fund new treatment options for patients like Glenis Pewsey who struggle to control their blood pressure.

Leading the team is world-renowned hypertension specialist Professor Markus Schlaich. 

“At DHC we have experimental research, animal and cell research alongside clinical trials, making our research truly translational from bench to bedside,” explains Professor Markus Schlaich.

Thanks to past support, Professor Schlaich and his team have conducted a range of clinical trials that test new treatments, medications, and a device-based approach to better control hypertension. 

The DHC has been running a novel clinical trial to test an antibiotic, which targets the inflammatory process in the brain.

Christmas 2021, Glenis Pewsey joined this clinical trial with Professor Schlaich. Glenis has struggled to maintain her high blood pressure for more than 25 years, using a variety of medications that would periodically stop working altogether.

Even on the medications, Glenis’ blood pressure would continue to rise throughout the day. The last time her medication stopped working, her GP suggested visiting Professor Schlaich to see if there was a different solution.


After visiting Professor Schlaich and the DHC, Glenis joined their clinical trial. Glenis did not think she would see a big difference but says she knew very quickly the medication was working.

After years of her blood pressure rising despite medication, Glenis says her blood pressure is more consistent and controlled thanks to the clinical trial. She no longer has to worry throughout the day and after more than 25 years has found a method to help control her blood pressure.

“I don’t have to worry all the time about my blood pressure going up,” shares Glenis.

By controlling her blood pressure, Glenis has reduced her risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

“Hypertension is the biggest killer worldwide, without any doubt. It is why it’s important this research is happening here at RPH. We can provide patients with the latest treatments and get them involved in research,” says Professor Markus Schlaich.

“Without research, there are no advances in medicine. Yet there are still so many unanswered questions”, Professor Schlaich explained.

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