Leave a Gift in your Will

Every gift makes a difference. Leave a legacy of better health for future generations. 

Medical research underpins our health system and is the key to medical advances that can save lives.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and people who leave a gift in their Will we can support researchers as they develop new treatments, run clinical trials and make life-changing discoveries. Including a gift for us in your Will, no matter the size, will make a real difference to help us continue to fund world-class research right here in Western Australia.

RPH Research Foundation was established with the aim of becoming a beacon of hope where extraordinary thinking delivers exceptional outcomes and has been funding vital medical research for 40 years. Over the past four decades, research has improved survival rates for many diseases, helped us discover new diagnostic methods and implement better treatments for patients.

With your help, today’s research can become tomorrow’s treatment.  

Learn more about leaving a Gift in your Will  

Leaving a gift in your Will is a personal decision. If you would like to learn more about leaving a gift to RPH Research Foundation, contact Nikita Thomas for a confidential discussion.

Contact us to learn more about leaving a gift to RPH Research Foundation

  • Level 5, Rear of 50 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000
  • nikita@rphresearchfoundation.org.au

  • (08) 6375 5811
  • (08) 9224 3318

Will writing offer

At RPH Research Foundation we are passionate about encouraging people to have a valid Will to ensure their wishes are fulfilled. With the rise in popularity of online Will writing we have partnered with one of Australia’s leading online Will writing platforms - Safewill, to offer our community a discounted online Will.

The online Will writing platform enables you to write a simple Will quickly and affordably from the comfort of your home. 

Although there is no obligation whatsoever to include a charitable gift in your Will,  please consider including a gift in your Will to us to make a difference for future generations. Leaving a charitable gift to us in your Will can help contribute to research and improve health outcomes in our community.

Currently, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the price of writing an online Will. Click below to get started.  



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why make a Will?

A Will is a legal document that lets you decide what happens after you die. Having a Will provides your loved ones with a clear understanding of your wishes and avoids lengthy and expensive court proceedings that can occur for intestate administration. We encourage you to support your family and loved ones first. Then you may like to include a gift to charity to help future generations.  

How to leave a Gift in your Will

To ensure your gift is recorded correctly in your Will, we recommend engaging a solicitor. Here’s an example of suitable wording for a gift to RPH Research Foundation.  

I __________ give and bequeath to the Royal Perth Hospital Medical Research Foundation Incorporated, of 50 Murray Street PERTH, WA, 6000 (ABN: 62 314 475 885) for the use and purposes of the said Foundation: (select from below list) 

  1. The residue (or % of the residue) of my estate 

  2. ____% of my estate 

  3. A sum of $________ free of all duties, the sum of $ ____________ and/or __% of my Estate and/or Life Insurance (Policy Number _______) and/or the property situated at ________________________ and/or my Residuary Estate for which the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised Officer shall be sufficient discharge. 

I would like to include a gift in my Will to RPH Research Foundation. What information does my Will need to contain?

It is important to include our full legal name, registered address and registered ABN. 

Royal Perth Hospital Medical Research Foundation Incorporated 

Level 5, 50 Murray Street 

Perth WA 6000 

Registered ABN: 62 314 475 885 

To include a gift to us in your Will, you may wish to refer to our suggested clauses above and may also wish to speak to your solicitor. 

Is there a minimum gift amount that I need to include in my Will?

No, there is no minimum amount because every gift makes a difference.  

What will my gift be used for?

Your gift will be used to help us fund and support research to create better health for all. While we aim to support research that will lead to international changes in how patients are treated, we will always fund Western Australian research projects to ensure WA patients benefit from the research being conducted. Our research funding spans a wide variety of health and medical issues that affect our community.   

What kind of gifts can be left in my Will?

There are several ways to leave a gift in your will to RPH Research Foundation. The gift you leave depends on your own circumstances and preferences but include any of the following: 

  • Residual (whole). The remainder of your estate after you have allocated any specific gifts 
  • Residual (percentage). A percentage of the remainder of your estate 
  • Specific dollar amount 
  • The proceeds of the sale from certain assets such as shares, property or life insurance 

Remembering Ray Dobney

Much of the life-changing, world-class research that the RPH Research Foundation funds would not be possible without the overwhelming generosity of the late Ray Dobney. 

Ray was a long-term patient at Royal Perth Hospital and a major donor to the RPH Research Foundation. Professor Markus Schlaich’s position of Dobney Chair in Clinical Research was named in Ray’s honour and funded with some of Ray’s generous gift. Watch the video below to learn more about Ray's legacy to the Dobney Hypertension Centre.


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