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Title: Cell and Gene Therapies in Western Australia
Speaker: Dr Zlatibor Velickovic
Date: Friday 11 August 2023, 1pm - 2pm
Venue: City of Perth Library, 573 Hay Street

The Ray and Bill Dobney Cell and Tissue Therapies WA (CTTWA) facility at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) is at the forefront of innovative research to improve patient care. As Western Australia's only public hospital-accredited manufacturer of clinical grade cellular therapies, CTTWA is making significant contributions to the field of regenerative medicine.

Join Facility Director Dr Zlatibor Velickovic for a free community health talk to learn more about the facility's advanced therapies manufacturing capabilities and the innovative research being conducted to develop personalised treatments for patients.  Dr Velickovic will share insights into the cutting-edge technology and techniques being used to advance the field of cell and gene therapy, and how this research is impacting patient care. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn more about this world-class facility and the groundbreaking research being conducted to improve patient outcomes.

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