Career Advancement Fellowships

Career Advancement Fellowships 2020 have been awarded

These Fellowships have been designed to nurture talented early to mid-career researchers, who are associated with the RPH Research Foundation, by enabling them to make vital progress along their chosen career paths. Successful applicants will be provided with salary support so they can undertake research that will enhance their competitiveness in both state and national fellowship schemes.

Providing evidence the applicant is on track with their current project/s, working in a supportive environment and receiving mentorship to achieve success in this extremely competitive sector are important assessment criteria. Accordingly, the medium-term (5 years) and longer-term (10 years) objectives of each applicant must be stated when making a compelling case to win a Fellowship.

Any queries can be directed to Research Grants Manager at 

Eligibility and Suitability Criteria

You must be

  • eligible to work in Australia for the duration of the fellowship.
  • either
    • an Early Career Researcher (< 7 years completion of the highest degree subject to career disruption) or
    • a Mid-Career Researcher (< 14 years completion of the highest degree subject to career disruption)
  • Currently undetaking the majority of your research work within the East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) network (i.e. Royal Perth Hospital, Bentley Hospital, Armadale Health Service, Kalamunda Hospital, St John of God Midland Public Hospital, Population and Community Health Programs) or are a resident researcher located within the RPH Research Foundation Building at 50 Murray Street Perth.
  • Currently conducting a research project or have completed a research project that you could use as a subject during your Fellowship to move forward with your research hypotheses, achievements, discoveries and implications.
  • Have secured matching funding from a Sponsor Institution that would enable you to conduct a research project for the duration of the fellowship.
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