Previous Grants Awarded

Previous Grants Awarded 


Nursing and Allied Health Grant Program

Ms Gabby Calleja, Royal Perth Bentley Group, $15,000

Exploring The patient’s experience when allocated to an isolation room to manage MRO colonisation.

Mr Finn Chilcott, Royal Perth Hospital, $15,000

Improved lung function testing for transgender people.

Dr Karen Richards, St John of God Midland Public Hospital, $13,891

The clinical course of ankle or knee ligamentous injury sustained by children and adolescents that attend Midland Emergency Department.

Dr Robert Schutze, Royal Perth Hospital, $15,000

Blended pain care: A novel hybrid service model for chronic pain and mental health support.

Ms Sheldon Walker, Royal Perth Bentley Group, $13,970

Engaging Patients: Consumer informed, co-design of a composite measure for task engagement in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


Seed Funding Grants

Dr Alannah Cooper, Royal Perth Hospital, $19,970.14

Investigating the use of an automated machine to deliver chest compressions in patients experiencing an in-hospital cardiac arrest.

Dr Mina John, Royal Perth Hospital, $17,195

Utilising drug concentration monitoring to improve personalisation of long-acting antiretroviral therapy in patients living with HIV.

Dr Tulene Kendrick, Royal Perth Hospital, $19,887

Refining the Diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

Dr Vance Matthews, University of Western Australia, $20,000

The impact of glucose and sodium lowering therapies on heart and kidney disease.


Doreen McCarthy Nursing Research Grant

Kelly-Ann Hahn, Royal Perth Hospital, $20,000

An audit of the clinical indications and collection of MSU at Royal Perth Bentley Group


Nursing and Allied Health Grant Program

Alison Reading, Armadale Kalamunda Group Health Service, $14,961

Evaluating the health and wellbeing outcomes of older adults referred to the Falls Specialist Program at Armadale Kalamunda Group Health Service.

Dr Alannah Cooper, Royal Perth Hospital, $14,915

Measuring the level of palliative care need and referral rates to palliative care for adult patients in the East Metropolitan Health Service.

Ms Fion Lau, Royal Perth Bentley Group, $14,722

Does peak expiratory flow rate predict decannulation success in patients with a newly formed tracheostomy?

Associate Professor Vicki Patton, Royal Perth Hospital, $11,966

Co-design to identify the best method to approach Aboriginal patients who do not wait (DNW) for treatment or discharge against medical advice.


Springboard Plus 

Dr Catherine Bondonno Edith Cowan University, $64,499

Pardon the vegetables: how nitrate source determines health impact

Dr Hun Chuah, Department of Haematology, Royal Perth Hospital, $71,657

Circulating Tumour Cells in Plasma Cell Myeloma Predict Outcome

Dr Jason Dyke, PathWest LMWA, $72,000

Implications of Pathological TAU Accumulation in Epilepsy

Professor Anne-Marie Hill, University of Western Australia, $69,600

Promoting healthy ageing for recently hospitalised older people by implementing community health programs

Dr Kylie Hill, Curtin University, $71,460

Health in a Virtual Environment – a novel approach to measure bodily movement and integrate these signals with physiological data to optimise patient outcomes.

A/Prof Stephen Macdonald, University of Western Australia, $72,000

Proteomic signature of adult sepsis – discovery and validation

A/Prof Therese O’Sullivan, Edith Cowan University $33,660

Mindful mouthfuls: Developing healthy eating behaviours from infancy

Miss Arunima Panda, Curtin University, $35,160

Identification and molecular analysis of Pancreatic cancer-derived exosomes

Dr Jing Pang, University of Western Australia, $71,927

Implementation of an optimised model of care for familial hypercholesterolaemia: role of primary care and its integration with specialist services

A/Prof Adil Rajwani Acute Medical Unit, Royal Perth Hospital, $70,200

Exploring the associations between bacterial pneumonia and new-onset heart failure

Dr Natalie Ward, University of Western Australia, $72,000

Implementation of a Statin Intolerance Registry


Strategic Opportunities Matching Grant

Professor Anne-Marie Hill, University of Western Australia, $217,000

RPH Research Foundation awarded a Strategic Opportunities Grant to support Professor Anne-Marie Hill in the field of Healthy Ageing and Rehabilitation. This grant establishes a Professorial Academic Fellow in the field of Healthy Ageing and Rehabilitation in partnership with The University of Western Australia. The primary purpose of this position is to increase opportunities for research collaborations within the East Metropolitan Health Service and other tertiary institutions and improve the overall safety and quality of patient care. 


Career Advancement Fellowships

Dr Catherine Bondonno, Edith Cowan University’s Institute for Nutrition Research - total funding - $166,622 over three years

Nitrate and human health – villain or superhero?

Dr Lakshini Herat, Dobney Hypertension Centre – total funding - $233,755 over three years

Protecting the eyes and kidneys from diabetes-induced damage: an important role for a novel glucose lowering drug class.

Dr Dona Jayakody, Ear Science Institute Australia, total funding over three years - $227,872

Hearing aids to reduce risk of dementia and to improve quality of life in Aboriginal older adults.

Dr David McCutcheon, Royal Perth Hospital’s Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine, total funding over three years - $766,300

An Early Warning System for Emerging Drugs of Concern in the Emergency Department

Dr Marc Sim, Edith Cowan University’s Institute for Nutrition Research, total funding over three years - $145,864

Improving muscle and bone health through diet and exercise to reduce the risk of falls and associated injuries.

Innovation and Impact

Associate Professor Alan Kop, East Metropolitan Health Service, total funding over course of grant - $368,330

Tissue engineering using adult mesenchymal stem cells and 3D printed scaffolds to accelerate complex wound healing.

Dr Andrew Ford, University of Western Australia, total funding over course of grant - $592,190

Hearing Aids to support the cognitive functioning of older adults at risk of dementia: the HearCog Study

Doreen McCarthy Nursing Research Grant

Jonathon Burcham, Royal Perth Hospital, $19,993

The INFORMED Sepsis study: Improving Information Comprehension and Recall Metrics in the Emergency Department


Springboard Grant Program

Dr Chi Le-Ha, Medical School, UWA - $20,000
Relationships of androgens in cord blood at birth and of age at menarche with cardiovascular risk factors in early adulthood

Dr Dino Bee Aik Tan, Mr Bi Lam Centre for Respiratory Health, School of Biomedical Sciences UWA - $20,000
Down-regulation of inflammation by nebulised factors from MSC-conditioned media

Dr Julie Proudfoot, School of Biomedical Sciences, UWA -  $20,016
Effect of oxidized lipids on macrophage function 

Dr Stephen Macdonald, Emergency Department, RPH - $20,000
The effect of fluid volume on inflammation during sepsis resuscitation

Dr Nina McCarthy, Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease - $20,000
Using genetics to shed light on the shared biological basis of common psychiatric disorders

Dr Abbie Francis, Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine - $20,000 
Confirming a unique genetic signature during anaphylaxis

Dr Ho-Wing (Arthur) Yau, Department of Cardiology, RPH - $20,000 
Exercise as Medicine for advanced heart failure 

Associate Professor Michelle Kelly, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine, Curtin University - $20,000
Improving the hospital discharge process to minimise patient readmission: a partnership with consumers

Dr Andrew Toner, Anaesthesia Department, RPH - $20,000
Lidocaine infusions to prevent chronic pain after breast cancer surgery

Dr Omar Azzam, Acute Medical Unit, RPH - $20,000.00
Unravelling the role of the immune system in human hypertension

Dr Olufemi Oshin, Vascular Surgery, RPH - $19,672
3D Printing of Bone for Diabetic Feet Damian Jolly Vascular Surgery 

Dr Ruohan Li, Cell and Tissue Therapies WA, RPH - $20,000
An “Off-the-Shelf” Genetically-Modified Cell Therapy for Cancer

Dr Sing Ching Lee,  Department of Cardiology, RPH - $20,000
Is physical activity level associated with the rate of atherosclerotic plaque progression and vascular dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus without prior cardiovascular events.

Dr Jason Dyke, Pathwest, RPH - $20,000
Identification of a Novel Form of Brain Damage in Epilepsy Patients

Dr Nicola Bondonno, School of Biomedical Sciences, Edith Cowan University - $19,930
Validating the use of gamma-valerolactone as a marker of flavan-3-ol intake

Naked Scientist Internship

Dr Nicola Bondonno, Edith Cowan University.

Due to COVID-19 the Naked Scientist Internship was cancelled.


Seeding Grant Program

Dr Jamie Bellinge, Department of Cardiology, RPH - $20,000
Validating the use of 18F-Sodium Fluoride positron emission tomography as a marker of calcification activity within the coronary arteries in asymptomatic individuals with diabetes mellitus

Mr Leon Brownrigg, Cell & Tissue Therapies WA, RPH - $14,300
Establishment, Manufacture and Pre-clinical Evaluation of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cells for Immunotherapy     

Dr Riti Chetty, Department of Cardiology, RPH - $20,000    
The Quadruple UltrA-low-dose tReaTment for hypErTension (QUARTET) trial cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and echocardiographic sub-study

Dr David Chieng, Department of Cardiology, RPH - $20,000    
The incremental utility of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in presentations with Myocardial Infarction with Non-Obstructed Coronary Arteries (MINOCA)

Dr Hun Chuah, Department of Haematology, RPH - $19,920     
Molecular monitoring of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia using plasma and urine cell-free DNA

Dr Jason Dyke, Department of Neuropathology, RPH -$20,000    
Phenotypic and molecular characterisation of glioneuronal Tumours

Dr Alan Kop, Department of Medical Engineering & Physics, RPH - $15,000
Mesenchymal stem cell spheroids on collagen scaffolds to accelerate wound healing    

Dr Anton Leonard, Intensive Care Medicine, RPH - $19,785
Consumers’ experiences of goals of patient care: An exploratory study    

Dr David McCutcheon, Department of Emergency Medicine, RPH - $19, 653
Western Australian Illicit Substance Evaluation (WISE)    

Professor David Nolan, Department of Immunology, RPH - $20,000
Immunological biomarkers of inflammation as independent risk factors of future cardiovascular events in the population     

Dr Adil Rajwani, Department of Cardiology, RPH - $20,000
Exploring the mechanisms underlying incident heart failure in survivors of pneumonia

Professor Carl Schultz, Department of Cardiology, RPH - $20,000
Potential of 68Gallium Dotatate PET for detecting high risk atherosclerosis in mice and humans    

Dr Cara Winnall, Department of Cardiology, RPH - $20,000
The UtiLitY of cardiac myosin binding protein C in the Early Triage of low risk patients with Suspected acute coronary syndromes (ULYCES)

Dr Kevin Yuen, Department of Palliative Care, RPH - $19,997
Mindfulness-based compassion training for health professionals providing end of life: Is it effective, feasible and acceptable?    

Professor Anne Barden, University Department of Medicine, UWA - $20,000
Resolution of inflammation in pregnancies complicated by diabetes and pre-eclampsia

Dr Dick Chan, University Department of Medicine, UWA -$19,700
Molecular imaging of arterial inflammation in patients with elevated lipoprotein(a): A novel approach for assessing the impact of a new risk factor in atherosclerosis

Dr Stephen Macdonald, Department of Emergency Medicine, RPH -$20,000
The role of Resistin in endothelial cell activation in human sepsis    

Dr Vance Matthews, School of Biomedical Sciences, UWA - $20,000
Investigating the role of sodium glucose co-transporter 2 in diabetic retinopathy    
Professor Markus Schlaich, Dobney Hypertension Centre, UWA - $20,000
Sympatho-inhibition as a preferred second line treatment of obesity related hypertension    

Dr Dino Bee Aik Tan, School of Biomedical Sciences, UWA - $20,000
Characterisation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-derived exosomes as cell-free anti-inflammatory therapy in COPD     

Dr Natalie Ward, School of Biomedical Sciences, UWA - $20,000
The cardio-protective effects of dietary nitrate

Dr Marc Sim, School of Medical and Health Sciences, ECU - $19,064
Developing a national database for vitamin K1 and K2 content in food    

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