Unlocking Insights: EDNA

Community Health Talk

Title: Unlocking Insights: How the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia is Helping Emergency Departments Address Illicit Drug Use
Speaker: Professor Daniel Fatovich 
Date: Thursday 18 July 2024, 1pm - 2pm
Venue: City of Perth Library, 573 Hay Street

Step into the dynamic world of emergency medicine with Professor Daniel Fatovich, a distinguished senior emergency physician and clinical researcher at the Royal Perth Hospital Emergency Department (ED).

 In this talk, Professor Fatovich shares insights into the important medical research taking place within the ED including pioneering work in illicit drug detection through the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia (EDNA).

Professor Fatovich leads a dedicated team of researchers committed to pushing the boundaries of emergency medicine, emphasising the importance of integrating research with clinical practice to drive medical innovation.

The talk will share how the team developed the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia (EDNA), using seed funding to take a clinical conundrum to a national clinical registry that serves as a crucial early warning system for public health systems nationwide.

This presentation will share how EDNA is helping address the pressing global public health issue of illicit drug use within emergency departments. Through a collaborative effort, EDNA equips emergency clinicians with the knowledge needed to treat thousands of overdose cases across Australia.

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