Falls Specialist Program at Armadale Hospital

Evaluating the health and wellbeing outcomes of older adults referred to the Falls Specialist Program at Armadale Kalamunda Group Health Service.

Armadale Kalamunda Group Health Service


Coordinating Principal Investigator: Alison Reading

Co-Investigators: Professor Anne-Marie Hill, A/Prof Dale Edgar, Dr Nicholas Waldron, Mrs Andrea Whyte

Falls are a leading cause of injury and hospitalisation among older Australians. Falls in older adults have a major community impact and healthcare burden in Western Australia with someone being admitted to hospital with a fall-related injury every 17 minutes in 2020. Falls are also a significant concern for older patients who are attending hospital for other reasons. The Falls Specialist Program (FSP) at Armadale Kalamunda Group (AKG) is led by both a Senior Occupational Therapist and Senior Physiotherapist.

The program engages patients who have had no previous comprehensive allied health input to address their falls. Interventions are customised through evidence-based educational conversations; home visits addressing individual falls risk factors; and a home-based progressive exercise program. Anecdotal and high-level data indicate this program is effective at reducing falls for older adults in community dwellings.

This project aims to evaluate the FSP using combined prospective patient-voice and quantitative methods. Over a 9-month period, consumer and staff interviews will be conducted to enrich the evaluation of the program outcomes, including number of falls per month; ED presentation rates and comparative cost analysis with those who do not attend the Falls Specialist Program and Armadale Kalamunda Group Health Service.

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