Nursing Research

Nursing Research

At the RPH Research Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of nursing research. We are dedicated to fostering innovation and excellence in nursing practice within the East Metropolitan Health Service, which includes the prestigious Royal Perth Hospital. Our mission is to support and advance nursing research that directly impacts patient care and improves outcomes. Nursing Research aims to achieve and deliver better standards of care to both patients and their families.

Nursing research plays a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare and improving patient outcomes. It provides a platform for nurses to explore new ideas, develop evidence-based practices, and discover innovative solutions to the complex challenges faced in healthcare settings. By supporting nursing research, we empower our dedicated nurses to enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities to deliver exceptional patient care. Nursing research aims to ensure that all patients who attend hospitals within East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) receive nursing care that is underpinned by the best available research evidence.

Benefits of Nursing Research

    1. Ensures nursing practice remains current to meet changing demands
    2. Enhances our patients’ care experience
    3. Improves clinical knowledge and expertise
    4. Provides scientific evidence that adds to national and international literature

    Some examples of past RPH nursing research projects include: 

    • Preventing medical emergencies and death of patients through better assessment and early intervention 
    • Preventing complications from medication administration errors
    • Promoting patient selfcare and empowerment of their health care needs through comprehensive patient education
    • Pressure injury prevention
    • Glaucoma management
    • Falls prevention
    • Preventing and responding to mental health emergencies.

    RPH Research Foundation is proud to fund and support Nursing Research by offering competitive research grants to registered nurses and midwives conducting research at Royal Perth Hospital and other hospitals within EMHS.

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