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Please refer to the RPH Research Foundation's Statistical Service Policy. 

RPH Research Foundation’s in-house Biostatistical Consulting Service offers expert research program support to researchers towards ensuring high quality research methodology, analysis and output.

The RPH Research Foundation provides free statistical support for researchers and projects that meet eligibility criteria.  These criteria have been developed to limit access to the EMHS community, and to support research aligned with the RPH Research Foundation’s strategic objectives.*

Fees will be applied for reanalyses stemming from incomplete data sets (observations or variables), inclusion of ineligible patients, unplanned/unnecessary interim analyses etc or for analyses requested against advice of the statistician (see fee table below).

*criteria apply - see below.

Queries and Appointments

Queries and appointment requests can be directed to our biostatistics team at

Available Services

Study Design

Clarification of research question, identification of outcomes, confounding variables management, sample size requirements (power analysis); advantages/disadvantages of collection methodology.

Ethics and Grant Applications

Feedback on clarity of aims, statistical analysis proposed, power calculations, advice.

Data Collection Layout

Data Conversion for Statistical Package Use

Writing code to read files, file conversion from one file format to another.

Data Set Preparation

Reshaping data from wide to long format, merging data sets, data checking and issue identification, creation of new more efficient variables.

Analysis and Feedback

Analysis of data, assisting with interpretation.


Assist with interpretation of results, client review, manuscript preparation including statistical methods, formulations tables/graphs.

Peer Review

Review and edit manuscripts.

PhD Support

Consultation and advice on research project design and analysis.


If the statistician has run the analysis, assisted with interpretation, and then contributed to the publication, co-authorship should be offered and their affiliation with the RPH Research Foundation reported.  Failure to offer authorship where warranted may result in withdrawal of future access to free support.

Service Eligibility Criteria*

Eligibility criteria to access free support

The RPH Research Foundation provides free statistical support for researchers and projects that meet eligibility criteria.  These criteria have been developed to limit access to the EMHS community, and to support research aligned with the RPH Research Foundation’s strategic objectives.

Internal staff and data are defined as:

  1. Staff of the East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) which includes Royal Perth Hospital, Armidale Hospital, St John of God Midland Public Hospital, Bentley Health Service and Kalamunda Hospital
  2. Academic residents of the RPH Research Foundation Building, G Block, located at Rear 50 Murray St Perth (Rear 50 Murray St), whose research is tied to EMHS
  3. Data generated from within either 1 or 2 above.


Research Focus is defined as:AND

  1. Addressing a gap in the literature that has applicability beyond EMHS  
  2. An intention to publish results in a peer reviewed journal.


In addition, improving patient treatment options and outcomes should be the primary interest.  Examples include:

  • Gathering evidence of suspected patient disadvantage (poor outcomes) from current clinical practice that may be inadequate, 
  • Evaluating the effect of an intervention designed to improve patient outcomes
  • Identifying associations between patient outcomes or disease and presenting symptoms/features.


All 3 criteria below must be met to be eligible for free support. The following eligibility criteria apply:

1. Research Focus

  • Data must have a research focus.

Note: QA or compliance monitoring projects will not qualify without a substantial research component such as the evaluation of an intervention in a designed study.

2. Data Source

  • Data must be sourced internally (at least partially) or
  • National (including WA) or WA State-wide data sets  

3. Researchers

  • The principle investigator(s),
  • Supervisor(s) of Advanced Trainees or Higher Degree by Research Students, 
  • Higher Degree by Research students

Must meet the definition of internal staff set out above. 

If in doubt about whether your project meets the criteria, you are invited to meet  with the statisticians to clarify its eligibility.  If the project proves not to be eligible for free support, no fees will be charged for this meeting. 

Higher Degree by Research Students

Full time Higher Degree by Research students are expected to conduct their own analysis but can consult with statisticians for up to 2 hours per fortnight at no charge.  Some tertiary institutions provide a free statistical ”drop in” clinic for their post graduate students if more support is required but funds are not available.

Part time clinician Higher Degree by Research students can access the service without restrictions on hours or services.

Projects Approved by the RPH Research Foundation

Any project approved or awarded a grant by the RPH Research Foundation will be eligible for free statistical support.  The unique RPHRF grant identifier (from the RPHRF grant contract) will need to be provided to the statisticians.

Not Eligible

  • MD (Doctor of Medicine) students’ scholarly activity projects.  If the student’s project meets eligibility criteria (data, supervisor etc) the statisticians can provide support to the supervisor directly who will then be responsible for conveying results to the student.  The statisticians will not interact directly with the students for the purpose of meeting tertiary institutions’ course requirements but once fulfilled, the statistician can interact with the student for the purpose of publication.
  • Tenants of rear 50 Murray St who are not part of a university organisation.  Such tenants may apply to the RPH Research Foundation CEO for approval, but access is not guaranteed by tenancy. 


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