Emergency Medicine

Research in Emergency Medicine.

Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the country, seeing close to 80,000 patients every year. Patients will present with a variety of conditions from heart attacks, pneumonia, and major brain injuries. Every day, the Emergency Department is a hive of activity.

No one starts their day expecting they will need to attend the ED. Yet most people will, at least once in their lifetime, enter the emergency department and put their lives into the hands of emergency clinicians. 

RPH Research Foundation is committed to advancing emergency medicine research for the benefit of the patients who come through the doors of not just Royal Perth Hospital's Emergency Department (ED), but EDs across Australia.

Why Emergency Medicine?

Research is the key to constantly improving patient care. This research not only enhances the care patients attending RPH receive but improves treatment options for patients everywhere. We are proud to say that the RPH Research Foundation funds emergency medicine research to ensure that these patients have access to the best treatment options possible. “Integrating research with clinical practice puts us a step ahead of other places. The best hospitals are the ones doing a lot of research” Professor Daniel Fatovich shares when explaining the importance of embedding research within the ED.

RPH Research Foundation proudly funds emergency medicine research to ensure that the patients coming through the ED doors have access to the best treatment options possible.

Research Projects

Current research projects include sepsis awareness, identifying illicit drugs through the Emerging Drugs Network of Australia (EDNA), and treatment options for pneumothorax, the condition of a lung collapsing. Thanks to past support from generous people like you, the RPH Research Foundation has provided seed funding for emergency medicine research that challenges the status quo to establish new treatment options. This research has already led to improvements in how patients are treated.

We have also proudly funded this research through our various competitive research grant programs.

Past Research Projects

A Glimpse of the Royal Perth Hospital Emergency Department

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