Healthy Ageing and Falls Prevention

Community Health Talk

Title: Don’t Fall for it: Healthy Ageing and Falls Prevention
Speaker: Professor Anne-Marie Hill
Date: Tuesday 17 September 2024, 1pm - 2pm
Venue: City of Perth Library, 573 Hay Street

Falls are now recognised as a rising global problem and serious threat to older adults, causing health problems and loss of independence. Did you know that every 17 minutes in WA, someone is hospitalized due to a fall? Surprisingly, inexpensive, and easily completed activities can greatly reduce falls and boost your confidence. It's never too late to take action and reduce your risk. Join us to hear from Professor Anne-Marie Hill to learn more about her important research into falls prevention and healthy ageing.

Professor Anne-Marie Hill (UWA) is a Senior Principal Research Fellow supported by the RPH Research Foundation who has over 30 years of clinical experience working with older people to improve their health and well-being. Attend this interesting community health to learn some practical strategies for fall prevention and hear about the research taking place here in Perth.

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