Your generosity can save lives

Hypertension is the biggest killer globally, accounting for more than 10 million deaths every year. In Australia, a third of all adults have high blood pressure, and half of them don’t even know it.

Left untreated high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and eye disease. Research is the key to helping people with high blood pressure find new treatments and improve their quality of life. 

That is why here at RPH Research Foundation we help fund the Dobney Hypertension Centre (DHC). Leading the team is world-renowned hypertension specialist Professor Markus Schlaich. Thanks to your past support, Professor Schlaich and his team have conducted a range of clinical trials that test new treatments, medications, and a device-based approach to better control hypertension.

Your donation this tax time helps us fund a variety of clinical trials here at RPH Research Foundation. Clinical trials make a real difference to patients needing treatment here in WA, but we need your help to keep funding this important research.  


RPH Research Foundation

RPH Research Foundation is proud to fund world-class researchers conducting life-changing research here in the heart of Perth.


This research makes a difference to many WA patients like Glenis.

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